Auto Accidents

Major Health Problem

You were in an auto accident recently and your car was damaged. If you were in that vehicle, chances are great that you sustained enough damage to your head, neck, and perhaps your low back. This can cause pain and health problems now and in the future.

The Detroit Society of Automotive Engineers as far back as 1966 published research evidence of cerebral concussion, surface hemorrhages on the brain, and severe headaches due to whiplash from auto accidents.

Much of the early research into low impact car collisions was done by Severy. His team found that the occupants of the cars were subjected to acceleration forces much greater than forces that were transmitted to the crash vehicles themselves. In addition, these studies revealed that the head and neck were subjected to the greatest stress and forces generated by the crash.

What This Means For You

Do not dismiss your car collision as not meaningful just because your car was not severely damaged. Even minimal damage to your vehicle can result in serious damage to your head and spine.

It is estimated that 86% of all neck injuries seen in clinics in the USA are the result of auto accidents. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans younger age 35. Auto accidents are the major source of paralysis, and a significant cause of epilepsy and brain damage. Injuries from auto accidents are one of the major health problems in the United States and the cost in human suffering and medical expense is second only to cancer.

Determine Extent of Injuries

To determine the extent of your injuries, come to our clinic for an evaluation and examination. This includes an extensive orthopedic and neurological exam. Our doctors are highly trained to detect, diagnosis, and treat injuries often seen with auto accidents.

We also employ state of the art diagnostic equipment to better diagnosis and treat your injuries, Our clinic has the ability to diagnosis neurological lesions or nerve damage that occurred as a result of your motor vehicle accident. Nerve conduction studies measure the nerve impulses that travel up and down a specific nerve and gives valuable information regarding the integrity of the nerves.

Headaches along with neck pain and stiffness are commonly seen with auto accidents. Dizziness, loss of memory, or vision problems are signs of a brain injury and should never be ignored. Numbness, tingling, or burning pain in the hands and arms are a sign of nerve or vascular damage. Low back pain with pain radiating into the leg are an indication of disc herniation and sciatica due to nerve damage. These symptoms can be short lived or can result in permanent pain and disability. Why guess? Our highly trained doctors can diagnose and effectively treat the cause of your pain and suffering.

What Will It Cost Me?

If your auto insurance includes Personal Injury Protection or PIP or Med Pay, it may essentially pay for all your costs incurred. This would include examinations, special diagnostic testing, and treatment. There is no out of pocket cost to you! No health insurance is required. If your accident was caused by another person, our office will bill the “at fault” person’s insurance and we will wait for payment. NO CASH NEEDED: Our office does all of the insurance billing for you and you pay us nothing until your case settles. If you have questions about your insurance policy or if your insurance adjuster is being less than cooperative, please give us a call and we can provide answers. Our office has over 25 years experience in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. We can also refer you to an attorney that specializes in motor vehicle accidents.

Free Consultation

Call our clinic at 505-508-3768 and tell our front desk that you want to come in for a FREE CONSULTATION regarding your auto accident. This would usually cost you $125 but as part of this special offer, you pay nothing. This is a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION, FREE VISIT.

Give us the opportunity to help you get out of pain today.