Damage or disturbance to the body of any sort will result in alteration of the "internal millieu". For example, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are commonly found in our water, food, soil, and atmosphere. All of these metals have ultra-fine frequencies that disrupt our own enzymes, bind with essential minerals and disrupt our nervous and immune systems resulting in neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis for example. Other substances that contain these fine frequencies are fungus, viruses, and parasites. All of these organisms disrupt our own body's frequencies.

Functional disturbances occur when the delicate mechanisms that control our bodily processes are disrupted by these pathological frequencies. These pathological frequencies can alter biochemical reactions deep within the cells, and can even within the DNA.

Extensive research over the past 30 years by German scientists revealed that each person possesses a unique spectrum of ultra-fine frequencies that can be electronically sensed, reprogramed and then utilized as therapy. This therapy was developed by a German M.D., Franz Morell and an electronic engineer, Erich Rasch. Today this is known world wide as MORA therapy. This form of therapy is not electro-therapy. It is not radiation therapy. Rather, MORA therapy uses the latest discoveries in bio-physics and quantum physics. This therapy has been thoroughly and scientifically researched and proven.


The patient receives treatment from a MORA medical device via a hand held probe and a foot plate. Since MORA is not electro-therapy the patient does not feel the sensation of an electrical current entering the body. Rather, the patient's own electromagnetic frequencies enter and exit via the electrodes and cables in the same manner as nerve impulses are conducted via ECG or EEG medical devices. Treatment with the MORA medical device is 100% painless and non-evasive. In addition, such vital therapies as homeopathy may be incorporated into this form of therapy. For example, if the primary problem is due to viral overload, we can determine which homeopathic viral remedies would be best suited remedy. In this manner the patient's debilitated regulatory forces are unburdened and strengthened. Immune function is stimulated and restored. Troublesome chronic cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia for example, respond well to this form of therapy.

Dr. Morell had the brilliant concept to specifically eliminate these interfering pathological frequencies by using their own "mirror images". This in effect cancels them out, facilitating the body's own natural healing. The patient is treated with their own specific individual frequencies that exist at that point in time. At no time during MORA therapy are foreign energies or frequencies administered.

Many patients feel improvement after a few sessions. However, the body will have to eliminate the harmful deposits and toxins freed from the tissues deep within the body. The elimination of these toxins takes longer with chronic cases. In principle, all kinds of diseases may be successfully treated with MORA therapy. This therapy has shown very good results with acute and chronic pain, sinusitis, post operative care, headaches, neuropathy and radicular pain, skin conditions, sciatica, scar tissue, vertigo, and circulatory problems.

MORA therapy has no ill side effects. Its application is trouble free and for that reasonis very suitable for sick children and the elderly. MORA therapy is extremely versatile since practically every disease or illness, be it acute or chronic, may be treated with MORA therapy. MORA therapy works by eliminating disease causing electromagnetic frequencies. This restores and enhances the body's natural healing.